To whom it may concern,

I met Roger Bruce through a friend who had been coached for a few years.  My friend and I are in the same business and he suggested that I consider visiting with Roger on a regular basis.  I saw Roger on a monthly basis.

In addition to prioritizing what is important to me, God, spouse, kids, work, and friends, Roger has helped me to set better habits, by stopping, continuing, and starting habits that will foster a healthier lifestyle to produce better results at home and at the office.

I have started to get up earlier in the mornings to get some exercise, I continue to eat well and work hard, and I’ve lost some weight, and I feel better prepared to face every day with more energy.

Roger has also taught me not to be sarcastic.  It only leads to cynicism and then bitterness.  We can’t control everything in our life.  Just manage ourselves with the tools that God has given us.  It is what it is!

Thanks Roger.

Paul, Hardin Financial, LLC

When the alarm clock went off this morning, how many times did YOU hit the snooze button?  Be Honest….

The saying “YOU snooze, YOU lose” is not only accurate, but it’s a reality for a lot of us!  Imagine if YOU will, a morning when the alarm becomes YOUR friend, instead of an annoying pest.  Would YOU even go as far as to believe YOU might even smile when YOUR feet hit the floor?  This is all possible…if YOU are ready to accept full responsibility for YOUR life.  Why the emphasis on YOU, you ask?  It’s simple…only YOU know what needs improved in YOUR life.  YOU need inspiration to get over the hump though, YOU need a coach.

My name is Toby Gates and I’ve been a coaching client of Roger’s since 2014.  I was skeptical, but open-minded to hiring a “life-coach.”  I decided to jump in with one foot…then with coaching and help understanding what makes me tick, over time I found myself to have both feet firmly planted and running towards goals with a fever pitched enthusiasm for what I can accomplish next!

We all need a little help staying on task.  To do so requires us to have a coach like Roger to give us the straight scoop.  While it may seem a bit harsh, you honestly cannot rely on family or friends to give you objective, fact-based advice.  They might say your dreams are goals are too lofty, maybe unattainable.  They tell you this simply because they themselves have fallen short.  They are justifying why it’s okay to give up, to fail, to not realize your true potential as a human being.  That’s why YOU need a coach.

I am human. I stumble. I have bad days.  I question myself. I still fall short.  I am a work-in-progress.  Because of my coaching however…I can have a bad day and recover mentally within minutes, literally!  I am focused on truly knowing what I want from this life.  Thank you Roger Bruce!


Toby, Quality Buick, GMC, Cadillac

To Whom It May Concern:

I highly recommend Roger Bruce for his skills in Life Coaching and mentoring.  I have been meeting with Roger weekly since 2014 and can’t stress enough what a positive impact his guidance and expertise has made in my life both personally and professionally.

Roger’s coaching has vastly helped me maximize and prioritize my time schedule to enable me to focus on my physical and spiritual development.  Roger has taught me how to plan for each day so that I am prepared to meet the challenges that arise and react in a way that will result in a positive outcome.  Using the proactive approach that Roger has taught me has enabled me to develop a stronger more meaningful relationship with God, a Godly perspective on life, and a closer personal relationship with my wife and children.

The practices that I have put into place due to Roger’s coaching have without a doubt changed the course of my life.  What an amazing feeling it is to be a victor over life’s circumstances instead of a victim of them.

Roger’s organizational and motivational strategies have been so impactful in my personal life that we have implemented him as a keynote speaker in many of our weekly sales associate meetings.  He has worked with our sales staff as a group to teach them skills to improve their strategy planning both in the short and long term to set and reach goals.  Many of our employees have been so encouraged by Roger’s insight into effective planning and goal setting that they meet with him individually on their personal time.

Please feel to contact me directly at 618-465-8881 if you have any questions or need further information.


Chad Stevenson, Business Manager, Quality Buick, GMC, Cadillac

Dear Roger,

I want to thank you for meeting with our management and sales team.  Our dealership staff has benefited from your goal setting and organizational training.  I have seen a change in the sales team’s attitudes and work habits.  They come to work each day with a purpose and a plan of action.  Better than ever, they realize the importance of their time.  Your training, along with our new Customer Retention Management software, has set a new level of efficiency here at Quality.

I have also noticed a change in personal attitudes.  I have had one sales person tell me how you have helped him in his family life and personal spiritual awareness.  I have benefited from your coaching as well.

You have a way of teaching goal setting and organizational skills in a way that resonates with professionals.  I would recommend you to anyone or group that wants to get beyond the daily grind, set goals, and take charge of their lives with purpose.

Thank you again.


David M. Stevenson, Co/owner & General Manager, Quality Buick, GMC, Cadillac

I have been a personal friend of Roger Bruce for over 20 years.  I originally met Roger at a time when he was in business representing a life insurance company.  Roger has always impressed me as a man of integrity.

When Roger decided to pursue a ministry of Christ I was not surprised and Roger devoted himself completely to his ministry.

In his devotion to his ministry, Roger has immersed himself in the lives of his church members and indeed in the lives of all those who’ve come to know him, including me.  I have always found his advice and guidance to be not only Christian-based but also good practical guidance.

Recently Roger discussed with me his desire to become a life coach.  That makes sense to me as I already viewed Roger in that capacity.  I believe that Roger would be well qualified to serve as a life coach for anyone hoping to lead a good productive life as a Christian in our modern society.


Jim Schrempf, Schrempf, Kelly, Napp, Ltd. Attorneys at Law

Roger Bruce has been a good friend of mine and mentor to me since 2007.  When I was a pastor, we met weekly for several months during which time he taught me invaluable lessons on leadership and offered insightful suggestions for how I could improve my sermons.

Roger has given me advice for how to solve issues confronting me as executive director of a not-for-profit ministry.  Roger has always been available to help me whenever I have had a need – professional or personal – he’s also served on our board for the past 3 years.  He is one of the most generous persons I have ever known.

Paul D. Militzer, Executive Director, Community Hope Center Inc.

I am writing this letter to recommend to you Roger Bruce as a Life Coach.  I have known Roger since 2004. During that time, Roger has been my pastor, mentor, and friend.  Roger has the gifts and abilities necessary to be a great coach and has been coaching me personally for years.

I met Roger for the first time during a difficult time in my life.  I was floundering personally, professionally, and spiritually.  Roger not only took on the job of being my pastor but he also began to work with me one-on-one to help me see beyond where my life was then to what it could be in the future.  Using the 5 by 5 coaching tool he designed, Roger helped motivate me to set goals for the future and begin taking action steps to make those goals a reality.  He helped me to go from reacting to what life threw at me to proactively planning what I wanted my life to become.

I became a Board Certified Life Coach in 2009 and a Certified Master Life Coach in 2011.  I worked with other life coaches during those years but Roger is the one who had the biggest impact on my success as a coach.  Roger always saw more potential in me than I could ever see in myself and he continued to support and encourage me throughout the entire process.  My business would not be where it is today without the coaching help of Roger Bruce.

Roger is also a gifted speaker and trainer, and the most intelligent person I know.  I have attended seminars where he has shared his 5 by 5 coaching strategy and have seen the positive impact his seminars have had on others.  I have also participated in ministry leadership training classes that Roger has done. As with everything he does, Roger brought passion, energy, and humor to these sessions, and I left them more knowledgeable and better equipped than when I came in.

As a professional Life Coach myself, I know that Roger has the skills and experience to help you change your life for the better.  When I need a coach, (and everyone needs a coach) Roger is always the first call I make, I encourage you to call him for your coaching needs as well.


Denise Floyd, BCMLC, Bina4Life Coaching & Counseling Services