Q: Aren’t counseling and coaching the same thing?

A: Generally, counseling has to do with issues that hinder our lives. Some are recent, most are linked with our past. Coaching by contrast is a process of leveraging your strengths to lift you to the next level. Coaching is about encouragement not grumpy parenting.

Q: Why do I need a coach?

A: An outside source can see with an objective perspective what we cannot see ourselves. As with sports, what feels like the right motion many times is not and by continuing, we merely ingrain flaws and faults.

Q: Don’t you have to be an expert in my field to be able to help me?

A: While some degree of knowledge in your field of expertise is necessary to help, it is information you can provide. Together we will identify your strengths and objectives, mapping out strategies and tactics along with a schedule for your success.

Q: I understand you are a pastor. What if I am not interested in religion?

A: You decide if you want Christian or secular coaching. While my faith is important to me, I do not force it or any discussion of it on anyone.

Q: What are the terms and conditions?

A: We sign a 6 month contract for 2 hours per month at a rate of $150 / month or a one time fee of $750. While the schedule of meetings is flexible, it works best if we meet every other week. Once the contract is signed, I ask that you go online and take a Kolbe Index A assessment at and provide me with a copy. It will cost $50 and take 20 minutes to complete. This interesting assessment simply fast tracks us to your strengths.